BOOK LIST (includes reading order)

Indie Books

The Prince With No Heart, mf * (grown-up fairytale)
The Assassins' Lover, mmf (demon world)
Steaming Up Your Love Scenes (how-to)

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club, mmf (contemporary)
Beck & Call
mmf (contemporary)
Lord & Master (the sequel to Beck & Call) mmf (contemporary)

HIDDEN SERIES (paranormal, can be read out of order, linked where noted)
Hidden Talents, mf
Hidden Crimes, mf (followup to Hidden Talents)
Hidden Depths, mmmf
"Date Night", mmmf
(companion story to Hidden Depths)
Move Me,
The Faerie's Honeymoon, mf
(companion story to Move Me)
Winter's Tale, mf
Hidden Dragons, mf
Hidden Passions, mm
(closely linked to Hidden Dragons)

TALES OF THE DJINN (new series, paranormal)

The Guardian, mf
The Double, mfm (sequel to The Guardian) coming October 24, 2014

Traditionally Published

Contemporary Erotica (all standalones)

Menage, mmf
Cooking Up A Storm
The Top of Her Game
Velvet Glove
In the Flesh
Personal Assets
Strange Attractions,
All U Can Eat
Three to Tango
(anthology), mmf

Beyond Books
Victorian, very steamy romance, linked but can be read out of order

Beyond Innocence, mf
Beyond Seduction,

Midnight Books mf
vampire/shapeshifter, varying time periods, very steamy romance,
linked, can be read alone but most enjoyable read in order

Fantasy (anthology)
Catching Midnight
Hunting Midnight
Hot Blooded
Courting Midnight

Tightly connected trilogy featuring Edmund Fitz Clare (1930s setting)
Kissing Midnight
Breaking Midnight
Saving Midnight

Tightly connected duology featuring Christian Durand
Devil at Midnight, medieval
Angel at Dawn,

Demon World
alternate Victorian universe, erotic romance
linked but can be read alone or out of order, slightly steampunk

The Demon's Daughter, mf
Hot Spell
(anthology), mf
Prince of Ice, mf
Demon's Delight
(anthology), mf
Beyond the Dark (anthology), mmf
Demon's Fire (the sequel to Prince of Ice), mmf
The Assassins' Lover, mmf

The Unconnected Novella
“The Love Slave” from Secrets Volume 4, mmf

mmf = male/male/female sexual scenes, including homerotic

mf = heterosexual

*if the stories are primarily one or the other, they are marked