Feed Your Brain

Does money confuse you? Fascinate you? Frustrate you? Here’s a list of enlightening documentaries (with an admittedly liberal bent). They’re inexpensive to rent and some are free to watch on amazon if you’re a prime member. Together they paint an interesting picture of how money works in the world today.

Inequality for All  Robert Reich (former Secretary of Labor) is the truly engaging guide for this doc.
Inside Job Academy Award Winner for Best Doc. Matt Damon narrates. Very watchable.
Money For Nothing Why should you care if Wall Street is regulated? Watch and learn. Useful overview of how modern, non-gold backed currency works.
97% Owned Not my fave on the list, but good. Worthwhile for the ‘splaining, Covers similar territory as Money for Nothing, which—if you’re like me—is helpful to hear more than once!
Citizen Koch How big money is buying elections. The truth behind the so-called “grassroots” Tea Party.