I have blurbed!

No doubt I’ll tweak this some more, but here’s the current blurb for THE CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT:

Having an angel for a boyfriend makes it hard for other men to compete. Amateur magician Georgie would say it’s impossible, but when she and Connor leave everything they know to help Iksander in the world of genies, she discovers angels don’t have a monopoly on irresistible sexiness.

Sexiness notwithstanding, Iksander would rather not fall for a human female, no matter how pretty and brave she is. The human race are rivals to genie kind—and angels are just traitors! His mission to save his people is what’s important, not looking for romance.

Connor might be the only member of the trio who believes in their chances for happiness. No amount of supernatural danger can change his mind. This angel knows love is worth fighting for, whatever form it takes . . .