New Teaser

I’m not done, but I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, so how about a fresh new teaser for THE CITY OF ENDLESS NIGHT? 🙂

Djinn had perfectly good hearing. In truth, the ears of Iksander’s people were sharper than humans’. Connor’s caution to Georgie notwithstanding, he’d heard the pair just fine over the splashing water—the churn of which had told a clear story.

He’d known what they intended before they entered the bath, of course. They were young and healthy and why wouldn’t they like a lot of sex? That the angel had spanked Georgie was the only real surprise. Iksander hadn’t thought this would interest a celestial being.

Imagining what else might interest Connor was better avoided.

Iksander wasn’t a monk when it came to sex. As the leader of the Glorious City and then the loving spouse of a passionate wife, he’d never been short of outlets for his desires. Realizing Georgie and the angel were engaged in coitus caused his body to react. His annoyingly enthusiastic erection made the coarse human jeans he wore  less comfortable than ever.

His inability to do anything about it made him grumpy, to say the least.

He took his mind off the issue by rearranging the furniture in the dining lounge. They’d found no bunk room in the derelict power plant—though there might be one somewhere. It didn’t matter. The seating cushions could serve as beds once he’d made space for them and spelled them together.

The distraction must have been successful. Caught unaware, he spun around when the couple returned, their now-sated bodies clad in matching black silk robes. The words NEVA DISTRICT POWER—stitched in silver embroidery—adorned each garment’s left lapel.

“Oh,” Georgie said, one hand rising to her neck where the robe bared her collarbones. “You moved the tables against the walls.”

“Yes.” He was unable to sound anything but stiff. “I thought the cushions would work as beds.”

“Of course.”

Georgie spoke as if she weren’t really listening. Was she thinking about having sex with the angel again already? Was that why her finger stroked the little hollow at the base of her throat? Had Connor kissed her there? No doubt her flesh was smooth. Firm, as well. She wore nothing beneath the company robe. The curves of her body—breasts, belly, hips—shaped the black silk enticingly.

Iksander wrenched his gaze away. “I shall sleep in the men’s bath. That way we all can have privacy.”

“Don’t do that,” Connor said, jerking Georgie and Iksander’s eyes to him.

A hint of rose had stained Georgie’s cheeks, but the angel’s countenance was serene.

“Don’t?” Iksander repeated, not understanding his objection.

“This is a strange world for me and Georgie. If something unexpected happens, we might need you near to explain.”

The men’s bathing chamber was hardly distant—certainly no more so than the room they’d just emerged from. Temporarily speechless, Iksander gaped at the angel’s expression. He saw no signs of hidden agendas. Connor was smiling pleasantly, his sky blue eyes innocent.

“Perhaps we should stick together,” Georgie said unsurely.

Iksander knew this was silly. Nothing was going to happen. No one even knew they were here. He should say so. Spending the night in close proximity to these two would only make him uncomfortable.

Georgie’s wistful lavender eyes held his. However much their color reminded of his wife, he knew the soul behind them was different. Georgie had her own independence, her own vulnerabilities. Did he want her to fear her surroundings even if the fear was illogical?

He’d survived a night on the couch in her apartment. Wouldn’t he survive this too?

“As you wish,” he said, the surrender gruff. “I suppose there’s for all of us in here.”

“Oh good,” Georgie said. “You can have Connor’s sleeping bag. He and I will unzip mine and share.”

Author’s Note: I’m not ready to predict when this book will be out, but if you want to check out the first chapter, click HERE.